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In memoriam

The 1930s

Ewart P. Reid, BA'31, MA'32, at Ottawa, on June 15, 2005.

Alexander Brott, LMus'32, DMus'80, founding director of the McGill Chamber Orchestra, at Montreal, on April 1, 2005.

Amy Elizabeth (van Loben Sels) Sutherland, BA'33, at Los Gatos, Calif., on August 16, 2005

Michael A. Mastrianni, BSc'33, MDCM'36, at Lake George, N.Y., on January 23, 2005.

Charles D. Davison, BArch'34, at Halifax, on April 26, 2005.

Shirley (Stevenson) Haeberlin, BA'36, at Ottawa, on April 7, 2005.

Eugene McManamy, MDCM'36, at Portland, Me., on April 14, 2004.

Charles F. Payan, BEng'37, at Ottawa, on March 19, 2005.

Phyllis (Davies) Toothman, BA'37, at Yakima, Wash., on September 1, 2004.

Mary Ellen (Wood) Crowl, BA'38, at Annapolis, Md., on March 31, 2005.

Roland E. Lapointe, MCDM'38, at Clearwater, Fla., on March 29, 2004.

J. Barry Porteous, BCom'38, at Kingston, Ont., on April 6, 2005.

E. A. Stewart Reid, BA'38, MDCM'42, DipTropMed'50, former professor, at Knowlton, Que., on June 5, 2005.

David Outram "Tim" Stapleton, BEng'38, at Nepean, Ont., on June 13, 2005.

Clarence E. "Cyril" Dahms, BSc(Agr)'39, at Ottawa, on June 5, 2005.

The 1940s

Barbara P. (Vossnack) Sauder, BA'40, at Peterborough, Ont., on April 1, 2005.

Barbara (Nase) Blanchet, BA'41, at Duncan, B.C., on January 30, 2005.

Frederick C. Moore, BSc'41, MDCM'50, at Montreal, on May 5, 2005.

Ronald Forbes Buchan, MDCM'42, at Manchester, N.H., on January 2, 2005.

Albert L. Danforth, DDS'42, at Watertown, N.Y., on March 7, 2005.

John F. Davis, BEng'42, MEng'49, MDCM'50, at Greenfield Park, Que., on April 8, 2005.

Frances (Penna) Selye Drew, MDCM42, at Pittsburgh, Pa., on March 22, 2005.

Roma (Dodds) Henderson, BA'42, at Fredericton, N.B., on June 6, 2005.

D. E. Joan (Storey) Strong, BA'42, at Halifax, on May 14, 2005.

William Turnbull, MDCM'43, DipOphthalmics'48, former professor, at St. Jerome, Que., on May 5, 2005.

Paul B. Weisz, BSc'43, MSc'44, PhD'46, at Providence, R.I., on January 26, 2005.

Anna (Miller) Loane, MDCM'44, at Fredericton, N.B., on April 3, 2005.

Fraser A. Farlinger, BSc'45, MDCM'47, at North Bay, Ont., on June 26, 2005.

Fritz Landauer (Fred Landis), BEng'45, at Milwaukee, Wis., on February 6, 2005.

Samuel F. Tilden, BEng'45, at Pointe-Claire, Que., on April 13, 2005.

Jean-Paul R. Cristel, BSc(Agr)'46, at Montreal, on April 29, 2005.

Angus A. "Gus" Hanson, MSc'46, at Riverwood, Md., on April 30, 2005.

Ian Glen, BCom'47, at Vancouver, on April 12, 2005.

William K. Ross, BEng'47, at Calgary, on March 14, 2005.

Harold G. Simkover, BSc(Agr)'47, at Oakland, Calif., on March 20, 2005.

Frederick G. Rigden, BSc(Agr)'48, at Truro, N.S., on April 7, 2005.

Sydney A. "Bunny" Smith, MDCM'48, DipIntMed'54, former professor, at Montreal, on May 15, 2005.

Harry N. Watson, MDCM'48, at Duncan, B.C., on April 20, 2005.

Katherine (Chrones) Metrakos, MDCM'49, former professor, at Cowansville, Que., on May 12, 2005.

Errol Leslie McCarty, BCom'50, at Montreal, on April 12, 2005.

Philip A. Ross-Ross, BEng'49, MEng'51, at Deep River, Ont., on April 5, 2005.

Marion (Egleston) Tully, BN'49, at Vancouver, on January 12, 2005.

The 1950s

David Brunet, BA'50, MDCM'52, at Tallinn, Estonia, on May 31, 2005.

Kimon Caragianis, BArch'50, at Ottawa, on June 22, 2005.

Jack S. Greenberg, BEng'50, MSc'51, at New Haven, Conn., on March 30, 2005.

John E. MacAllister, BEng'51, at Oakville, Ont., on June 11, 2005.

Niels H. Nielsen, BA'51, MA'54, at Princeton, N.J., on April 14, 2005.

Marvin B. Gameroff, BA'53, BCL'58, at Westmount, Que., on September 2, 2004.

The Rev. David G. Kilpatrick, BD'53, at Teulon, Man., on May 20, 2005.

Joseph A. Liverpool, BSc'53, MDCM'55, at Toronto, on May 8, 2005.

Richard W. Wickens, BEng'53, at Ottawa, on April 14, 2005.

Mary (Finlayson) MacRae, BSc(HEc)'54, at Truro, N.S., on December 29, 2004.

Jane H. M. (McCrimmon) Dean, BSc(HEc)'55, at Toronto, on March 28, 2005.

Emile C. Berger, GradDipMed'58, MSc'63, CertProfGerm'95, MA'02, at Montreal, on May 5, 2005.

Melvin W. Brodie, BEng'58, at Chatham, Ont., on February 14, 2005.

Leopold W. Leduc, BSc(PE)'58, at St. Thomas, Ont., on March 12, 2005.

Pearl P. Sheffy Gefen, MA'58, at Toronto, on May 21, 2005.

Vernon G. MacFawn, BArch'59, at Halifax, on April 4, 2005.

The 1960s

Philip S. Feldman, BA'60, MDCM'65, at Charlottesville, Va., on April 24, 2005.

Harish Chandra Khare, PhD'60, at Allahabad, India, on February 7, 2004.

John William Foote, MDCM'62, GradDipMed'68, former professor, at Jonesboro, Ark., on April 26, 2005.

David B. Frost, BA'64, MSc'66, at Montreal, on May 25, 2005.

Peter C. Unsinger, MA'64, at San Jose, Calif., on May 3, 2005.

William J. Klinck, BEd'66, MEd'71, at Lennoxville, Que., on April 7, 2005.

Dorothy A. "Dori" Gazdik, BA'69, at Westmount, Que., on April 28, 2005.

The 1970s

E. Gary Atkinson, BSc'71, at Moncton, N.B., on April 16, 2005.

Vivien Anne Law, BA'74, at Cambridge, England, on February 20, 2002.

Linda McKenty, DipEd'74, at Montreal, on December 1, 2004.

Patricia A. Roberts, MEd'75, at Pointe-Claire, Que., on May 9, 2003.

Jacqueline S. Bayreuther, BSc'76, at Montreal, on February 1, 2005.

Nancy J. Carrell, LLB'77, LLM'79, BCL'80, at Toronto, on May 10, 2005.

Philip Spink, MA'78, at Lynden, Ont., on April 7, 2005.

Jacques Voyer, DipPsych'78, former professor, at Montreal, on April 19, 2005.

The 1980s

The Hon. Alan B. Gold, LLD'84, at Montreal, on May 15, 2005.

Diana (Paci) D'Alberto, CertSecLang'88, at Montreal, on June 17, 2005.

The 1990s

Dorothy Carruthers, MLIS'94, at Montreal, on April 8, 2005.

Rosalie Coons, BA'94, at Chesterville, Ont., on April 23, 2005.

Margaret Egotak Lyall, CertNNEd'95, at Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, on April 22, 2000.

Mitchell Thomas Flynn, BA'97, at Toronto, on May 6, 2005.

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