Summer 2005

Summer 2005 McGill University

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Summer 2005

Making Waves

An amphibious robot spawned in the McGill labs of the Centre for Intelligent Machines shows its stuff at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados.

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Henry Mintzberg.

Fall from Grace

After recent high-profile corporate scandals, public confidence in leadership and management has taken a real hit. The way universities train managers may be part of the problem, says management iconoclast Henry Mintzberg.

Un excellent tremplin pour se lancer en affaires

Le Bureau de transfert de technologies aide les ingénieurs à s'occuper des aspects commerciaux du monde nouveau de l'entrepreneuriat universitaire.

French article.

Green chemistry.

The Green Chemistry Revolution

An old science adopts a new philosophy that makes both environmental and economic sense. McGill has become one of the world leaders in the field of green chemistry.

Editor's notebook



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Alumni activities: Honours and Awards



In memoriam

Epilogue: McGill and the Birth of Football

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