Summer 2000

Summer 2000 McGill University

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ALUMNI QUARTERLY - winter 2008
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The Multi-faceted Charles Taylor

The McGill Emeritus Professor has covered a lot of philosophical ground. A look at one of the country's great intellectuals in light of a new survey of his work.

All is Revealed: A Century-old Case of Mistaken Identity

The McGill Faculty Club recently saw the restoration of the spectacular Victorian fabric that graced its dining room walls, reputedly the work of William Morris.
But with restoration comes revelation...

Les hauts et les bas du témoin expert

Lorsqu'ils recherchent des experts de premier ordre pouvant témoigner dans des procès importants, les avocats appellent souvent à la barre des professeurs de McGill.

Alumni Honours and Awards

Find out who this year's winners are as the McGill Alumni Association salutes some special graduates and friends.

Editor's Notebook
A stunning announcement at the very last minute

A Bravo Zulu from a grad and a veteran

Lord Beaverbrook, New MAA President, Aah-pootee!

Alumni activities
Spreading branches, A warm welcome in Barbados, An evening in LoDo

Alumni in action
A letter from Africa

Andrew Steinmetz, William Brown, the Wythe and Merling families, Jeremy Brown

In Memoriam

Of grey walls, Oxford Blues and black ankles

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