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ALUMNI QUARTERLY - winter 2008
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Agricultural and Environmental Sciences / Macdonald campus

JULIEN MERCIER, BScAgr'83, lives in Northern California and is senior staff researcher at AgraQuest, a company developing biological control products for crop protection. He can be reached at

ALEXANDER "SANDY" MACQUARRIE, BScAgr'86, says he has had a wonderful and varied career in agriculture, education, and for the past ten years, as a paramedic. Sandy is a flight paramedic with Canadian Helicopters Air Ambulance in Ottawa. He and his wife Darlene have three children, Corey, 16, Lucas, 13, and Robert, 5. Sandy can be reached at

CATHY WARREN, BScAgr'87, was engaged to Mike Kollar in Cuba. They would love to hear from fellow Swampies at


H. PETER OBERLANDER, BArch'45, emeritus professor of Planning at the University of British Columbia, has been appointed Chairman of the Langara College Advisory Committee for its new Planning Assistant Diploma Program. The program represents a new entry opportunity into the planning profession and will provide a progressive ladder comparable to assistants in the fields of law and engineering.

DANIELLA ROHAN, BSc(Arch)'89, BArch'90, MUP'94, and DAVID A. JOHNSON, MUP'95, were delighted to welcome the arrival of baby Alan Benjamin on June 4, 2001, in Montreal.


DOUGLAS G. LOCHHEAD, BA'43, BLS'51, professor emeritus at Mount Allison University, has been awarded the Province of New Brunswick's Alden Nowlan Award for Excellence in English-language Literary Arts, 2001. His two most recent books of poetry, Cape Enrage: Poems on a Raised Beach and yes, yes, yes!, appeared this year.

DAVID MAYEROVITCH, BA'64, and JANET DUNBRACK, BA'67, were married in August 2001 in Ottawa. They live in Montreal, where David is a freelance writer and Janet is Executive Director of the Frosst Health Care Foundation.

MICHAEL GAVIN, BA'79, is living in Germany and working on the English edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. A family man now, Michael says he is already planting the idea with his 7-year-old son that he should start thinking about going to McGill! He sends regards to everyone at McGill and anyone who might remember him from long-ago days at the world's greatest university.

LEO PAUL DANA, BA'80, MBA'83, formerly a lecturer at McGill, is founding editor of the new Journal of International Entrepreneurship. Interested alumni may view the journal's web page,, or that of the editor, McGill alumni are invited to sign the Guest Book.

G. ANDREW KAROLYI, BA'83, was named Distinguished Research Professor at Fisher College in Columbus, Ohio. He distinguished himself in the areas of investment management, international financial markets, stock market volatility, Asia-Pacific and European capital markets and emerging markets. He is co-editor of the Pacific Basin Finance Journal and serves on the editorial boards of numerous other professional finance journals. He received the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis's 2001 William F. Sharpe Best Paper Award for scholarship in financial research and the Fisher College Pace Setters Faculty Research and Graduate Teaching Awards earlier this year. Andrew and his wife, ANNE (ADAMSON) KAROLYI, BSc'81, reside in Worthington, Ohio.

WALTER POSIEWKO, BA'83, is Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income, with RBC Global Investment Management, a unit of the Royal Bank Financial Group's wealth management operation. Walter and his wife, Susan, live in Toronto and are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter, Melanie Louise, in October 2001. Special greetings to all the "boize" from the MUGS lounge.

LAMIA KHAFAGI, BA'86, obtained a Certificat en arts d'impression from the Université du Québec à Montréal and graduated with a Baccalauréat en arts visuels-Enseignement. She says that McGill teaches you how to think and not what to think, and that training she received in the Faculty of Arts helped her tremendously in the theoretical courses.

DIANA (NASSAR) RITCHIE, BA'86, and her husband PHILLIP RITCHIE, BA'85, returned to Switzerland from London with their two-year-old daughter Caroline and newborn child.

JAMES SMEDLEY, BA'87, was awarded top prize in the newspaper feature category of the Outdoor Writers of Canada's National Communications Awards.

JACOB WISSE, BA'87, received an MA in 1992 and a PhD in 1999 from New York University in Art History, and was recently appointed Assistant Professor of Art History at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. His book, City Painters in the Burgundian Netherlands, will be published in 2002. Jacob can be reached at

SVETLANA ELNITSKY, PhD'88, earned the top Saint Michael's College scholarship award for 2001, as selected by her SMC faculty colleagues and presented at the annual academic convocation. In addition to courses in Russian language and culture, Svetlana teaches Russian literature from Tolstoi to Pasternak for the English department. She has written major articles on modern Russian authors, and her 1990 book on the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva is regarded as the main critical reference on the author.

EVA STACHNIAK, PhD'88, has won the Books in Canada first novel award for her book, Necessary Lies. For more information see

HERVÉ COMPAGNION, BA'89, is working for Caterpillar in Geneva, Switzerland, as a translator. His daughter is more than a year old and he and his wife are very happy parents. Although McGill studies are starting to fade, he says he often thinks about the fall on campus.

CLEO ALEXANDRA PASKAL, BA'90, married Jens Christian Svabo Justinussen in his home town, Torshavn, in the Faroe Islands. Those wishing to tease the happy couple can reach them through

DINGXIN ZHAO, PhD'90, PhD'95, is an assistant professor in the department of sociology at the University of Chicago. He attained his BSc degree from Fudan University in Shanghai in 1982. His book, entitled The Power of Tiananmen: State-Society Relations and the 1989 Beijing Student Movement, has been published by the University of Chicago Press.

DAVID ROBINS, BA'92, is an Ontario lawyer practising at Stutts, Strosberg LLP in Windsor.

HEATHER L. MCCAULEY, BA'97, married Wayne Gaves, a graduate of Concordia University. She now teaches language arts in a Calgary junior high school.

SUSAN BIRNIE, BA'98, married Steve Wortley in August 2001 in Kingston, Ont., where they now live.

CATHERINE MACPHERSON, BA'98, graduated from Boston University in May, with a Master of Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Gastronomy. She was awarded the Julia Child Scholarship. The program included history and culture of food, food writing, history of wine, anthropology and archaeology relating to nutrition. The staff included Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Catherine is now managing South End Formaggio, importers of specialty cheeses.

MONICA MAK, BA'98, won Best Documentary Video for Unwanted Images: Gender-Based Violence in the New South Africa at the 32nd Annual Canadian Student Film and Video Festival. Monica works with McGill's Canada-South Africa Education Management Program, and is a doctoral student in the Department of Communications at McGill. She completed an MA thesis on the topic of the National Film Board of Canada's racial equity initiatives. Monica recently directed another video entitled Scoring the Goal, a zany piece focusing on young women's development of assertiveness and leadership skills through the sport of soccer.

MURRAY FORMAN, PhD'99, was appointed an assistant professor of communications at Northeastern University in the College of Arts and Sciences in September. Murray received his BA with honours in mass communication and film studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, and a master's in media studies from Concordia University in Montreal. Previously he was an assistant professor in the department of media studies at Queens College and the City University of New York.

JERRY FIELDEN, BA'00, released his third CD, The Mime, which features some blues, progressive hard rock and metal, with a few classical touches. Jerry is an experienced guitarist and singer with over 30 years' worth of playing! The CD is available at Jerry is at McGill working on his Master of Library and Information Studies.


CHARLES NAHM, BSc'76, DDS'78, is working in Toronto as a Catholic chaplain at Ernescliff College, a student residence run by Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic Personal Prelature. Charles worked also at St. Kim Dae-Gun Catholic Church for the Korean community.


CHANTAL LATOUR, BEd'95, CertEdTech'00, lives in Dollard des Ormeaux, Que. Chantal is a permanent French immersion kindergarten teacher and works for the Lester B. Pearson School Board. She can be reached at


THEODORE WILDI, BEng'44, received a Canadian Standards Association Award of Merit for his 20 years of dedication and service towards the promotion of the CSA Standard for Metric Practice, recognized by engineers, scientists and publishers as one of the finest guides for metric practice in the world. Theodore is a professor emeritus at Université Laval in electrical engineering. He is also a founder of Gentec Inc., and co-founder of Lab-Volt Ltée in Que.

FRANK MILLER, BEng'61, is a consultant to business and industry in Australia in the fields of knowledge, communications and learning strategy development. His website,, addresses the issues he has contributed to since graduation.

MARTIN OSTOJA-STARZEWSKI, MEng'80, PhD'83, was nominated to the Canada Research Chair in Mechanics of Materials in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill.

SYLVAIN RAYMOND, BEng'90, his wife, Louise Bachand, and their 16-month-old son, Ben, have moved back to Montreal from Toronto. After three years on an expatriation program to the Engineering Division of the Air Liquide group, Sylvain was transferred to Toronto, where he completed an MBA at the Schulich School of Business. He is still working for Air Liquide Canada in his new position, Controller, Bulk and Merchant On-sites, at the company's head office. He can be reached at

PAUL ROBICHAUD, BEng'95, excitedly announces that in September 2001 he married Isabelle Lafortune at Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Que. They say they are dedicating their lives to happiness, love and adventure.

ASHISH KAPUR, BEng'99, has worked for General Electric in both Canada and India. He is currently with GE Capital in Montreal in the E-Business group.

Health Sciences

THEODORE L. SOURKES, BSc'39, MSc'46, has been awarded the Inaugural Medal of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences for the most outstanding article published in the Society's journal for the years 1998 to 2000. The article is entitled "An Element of Thought: Phosphorus and Mental Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century" and appeared in the Journal of the History of the Neurosciences.

MICHAEL DOGALI, MDCM'70, has joined the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. The movement disorder specialist, working with colleague Dr. Robert Young, is renowned for significantly improving therapy for Parkinson's disease through "Simultaneous Bilateral Deep Brain Stimulation." The procedure implants a battery in the chest that feeds wires to the brain. Travelling electrical impulses suppress disease symptoms, including bodily rigidity and tremors. Michael will maintain his academic position at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine while at the Good Samaritan Hospital.

GEORGE A. KUCHEL, MDCM'80, has been appointed Travelers' Chair in Geriatrics and Gerontology, Director of the University of Connecticut Center on Aging and Chief of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, Conn.

MARC LADANYI, MDCM'84, received the Boyer Young Investigator Award for Distinguished Achievement in Biomedical Research from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, where he is Associate Attending Pathologist and Director, Laboratory of the Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Department. Marc received the award from DAVID W. GOLD, MDCM'66, who is Physician-in-Chief.

STACEY SCHWARTZ, MDCM'87, lives in Halifax and practises general consultant paediatrics. She is married to Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald and has two children, Leah, 8, and Jonah, 4.

ANDREW STEINBERG, BEng'92, MDCM'96, completed a urology residency at McGill in June 2001. He is doing a fellowship in Laparoscopy/Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Urology Department at the Cleveland Clinic. Upon completion of his fellowship, Andrew is planning to return to McGill.

NAVDEEP DULAY, BSc(OT)'98, worked as a homecare therapist in rural Alberta, obtained her Master's in Public Administration from Queen's University in 2000 and interned at the Ministry of Health in Kingston, Ont. Navdeep now works in Ottawa as a program officer with the federal government in the Canadian Heritage Department. She can be reached at


PETER J. NADLER, BCL'80, LLB'80, announces the completion of his new short film, Tantric Logic. Peter wrote and produced this offbeat farce about an aging computer geek who meets a new-age "goddess" via Internet personals. Peter says the film is based on personal experience. The actor/writer/stand-up comic, now based in Vancouver, also stars in the film.

RICHARD SANDERS, BSc'87, MSc'90, BCL'92, LLB'92, lives in Boston, Mass. He is a partner in the Litigation Practice Group of Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP, and is co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Litigation Committee of the Boston Bar Association. He concentrates in all areas of intellectual property and other complex litigation, including patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret and general commercial litigation. His email address is

PAUL MOEN, LLB'93, married ISABELLE DAOUST, LLB'96, BCL'96, in August at the McGill Chapel and the couple now live in Geneva, Switzerland. Paul holds a master's degree in international trade law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and works as corporate counsel for Serono, a Swiss biotech company, where he handles R&D collaboration and licence agreements as well as commercial matters for Asia and Pacific Rim countries. After a year working for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Côte d'Ivoire, Isabelle is now a lawyer at ICRC headquarters, where she specializes in international humanitarian law and the Ottawa treaty to ban landmines.

BÉATRICE MAILLÉ, BCL'94, LLB'94, a Human Rights Policy Officer in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, has joined the Canadian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York for three years. As such she will promote and defend Canadian interests on human rights issues.

TAMMY AKERMAN, BSc'96, MBA'98, BCL'01, LLB'01, has moved to Los Angeles, Calif., to practise tax and real estate law at a downtown Los Angeles firm.

ANDREAS KADLETZ, LLM'97, married JING MEN, LLM'00, in March 2001. Professionally, both are in legal practice and business consultancy with international focuses (Europe, America, Asia) and based in the Frankfurt/Main area. They also keep in touch with academia and reside in Marburg/Lahn, Germany. They can be reached at

KATIA OPALKA, BCL'97, LLB'97, joined the Montreal-based Secretariat of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation as a legal officer in the Submissions on Enforcement Matters Unit, which implements the environmental side-agreement to NAFTA. Katia processes citizen submissions alleging ineffective enforcement of environmental laws in Canada. She previously practised environmental law with McCarthy Tétrault. She can be reached by visiting

DAMION STODOLA, BA'97, BCL'01, LLB'01, after finishing his arts degree in political science and graduating with the Desjardins Merit Scholarship (Quebec Studies) in 1997, spent the summer in Montreal studying for the New York bar exams. In September, he moved to New York City to work for Coudert Brothers, a multinational law firm. He looks forward to hearing from any old classmates and encourages them to join the alumni email directory!

NATASHA ELL, BCL'98, LLB'98, moved to San Francisco, Calif., with her partner, Stephen Saunders. She was recently admitted to the California bar and has worked as an associate with the firm of O'Melveny & Myers LLP since May 2000. Natasha's practice consists mainly of U.S. corporate securities law.

Library and Information Studies

ERIKA GOTTLIEB, BLS'61, PhD'75, had her third book, Dystopian Fiction East and West: Universe of Terror and Trial, published recently by McGill-Queen's University Press. Her previous book, The Orwell Conundrum (1992) is also available from McGill-Queen's. Having taken early retirement, Erika is now teaching English literature on a part-time basis at Ryerson University in Toronto.

PASCAL CALARCO, MLIS'95, was appointed Head, Library Information Systems, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries in Richmond, Va. Pascal and his wife, MARY HORMAN, MLIS'96, have purchased their first home and invite McGill friends and local alumni to visit them in Richmond. They can be reached via email at and


BERNARD J. FINESTONE, BCom'41, Honorary Colonel of the British Columbia Dragoons, was elected Honorary President of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps (Cavalry) at the Annual General meeting in Camp Valcartier, Que. He was also re-elected a representative of the Life Members on the Corps Council, and a member of the Executive and Chair of the Finance Committee.

MICHAEL LAWRENCE BESSNER, BCom'48, professor emeritus at Concordia University, has been named president of the Montreal chapter of Canadian Friends of Haifa University. Canadian Friends encourages close ties between institutions of higher learning in this country and Israel's northernmost university, and is developing a scholarship fund to enable Canadian students to study in Israel. Lawrence is the former National President of Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University and served as National Treasurer of both Israel Bonds and the Canadian Jewish Congress.

ANNA (ANYA) CHMIELEWSKI, BCom'83, sends greetings to all commerce and engineering classmates and acquaintances. After living in Montreal and Ottawa, she is working in Vancouver, which she enjoys because it doesn't have Montreal's snow and freezing rain. Please feel free to drop her a line at

DEREK SILVERMAN, BCom'84, is a chartered accountant and partner with Bessner Gallay Kreisman, a firm of chartered accountants in Montreal. He is married to ROCHELLE LERNER, BA'86, and they have three wonderful kids, Maxine, 9, Jake, 7, and Josh, 3. They live in Dollard des Ormeaux. Derek can be reached at:

TIM EVANGELAKOS, BCom'85, is a flight instructor and says he would be happy to teach fellow McGill alumni to fly and to enjoy its beauty.

TODD ROBERTS, BCom'93, relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, after eight years in Ottawa. Todd is Manager, Merchant Systems, with GoPin Inc., a developer of payment technologies for e-tailers. As long as the e-commerce bubble doesn't burst, the move is a permanent one. Todd says hi to fellow grads and to McGill Phi Kaps. He can be reached at

ARIADNE DECKER, BCom'96, graduated in May with an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business. She works at John Wiley & Sons in Manhattan as Manager of New Business Development. Ariadne can be reached at

LEONARD COHEN, MBA'97, was recently promoted to Corporate Communications Director with Objexis Corporation, a Montreal-based strategic business software developer. His responsibilities include website development (any feedback on the site is highly welcome!), public relations, and corporate knowledge management. Leonard also teaches bar mitzvah students and Torah reading classes at the Shaare Zion synagogue. He continues to delight in family life with his wife, Sharon Gulko, and daughter, Hannah. Leonard says he'd love to hear from fellow classmates at

SONJA WILLIAMS, BA'97, BCom'98, graduated from Queen's University's Faculty of Law in June 1998 and is currently articling at Stikeman Elliott in Toronto.

PASCALE LECLERC, BCom'01, was hired by RBC Dominion Securities and says this is a dream come true for her. It is a real challenge given economic conditions but she thinks it will only help her shape a stronger character. She is starting to build her clientele and finds she loves helping people organize their finances.


MICHELINE LESAGE, BMus'82, has been appointed Director of the Arts Division of the Canada Council, responsible for managing the development and operation of more than 60 grant programs which provide financial support to Canadian artists and arts organizations. Micheline had been Head of the Council's Music Section since 1995. She trained as a violinist at McGill and performed with the Orchestre des Jeunes du Québec. Micheline also obtained an MBA at l'École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) and a Certificate in Arts Administration at the Banff School of Management.

GIUSEPPE PIETRAROIA, LMus'88, BMus'89, MMus'92, made his professional operatic debut in the fall of 2000, conducting a production of Rossini's The Barber of Seville for Pacific Opera in Victoria. He returns to Victoria in September 2001 to conduct Verdi's La Traviata. He will also be making his debut with Orchestra London in February. Giuseppe was the staff conductor for the McGill Symphony Orchestra during the 2000-2001 academic year.

KEVIN KOMISARUK, BMus'94, MMus'96, completed a concert tour this past summer that included solo performances at the Washington National Cathedral and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England. He returned to McGill last year for the DMus Performance Studies program.

MICHELLE S. WAN, BMus'98, graduated from New York University in May 2000 with an MA from the School of Education, Department of Music and Performing Arts. During her studies, Michelle gained valuable experience from internships at Carnegie Hall. Following graduation she relocated to Boston, where she has accepted a position at Longy Music School as a Public Affairs Associate.


JONATHAN MEAKINS, BSc'62, head of surgical services at the McGill University Health Centre and an internationally renowned expert in immunobiology, was named an Officer of the Order of Canada.

DUNCAN ADAMS, BSc'70, moved to Thunder Bay, Ont., for a new job as Executive Director of the George Jeffrey Children's Treatment Centre.

ANGUS FERGUSSON, MSc'77, has received an Award of Excellence from the Canadian government in recognition of the work that he does for the Meteorological Service of Canada. Angus is the Science Advisor of the Service. He lives in Holland Landing, Ont., with his wife and two children. His biography is available on the Meterological Service website at biography_e.cfm or contact him at

ALAN RAUCH, BSc'77, who teaches cultural studies of science at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, published Useful Knowledge: The Victorians, Morality, and the March of Intellect with Duke University Press. In addition to teaching, he is currently working on a project called Private Reading: Public Knowledge which examines the role of private subscription libraries in the dissemination of knowledge in Regency and Victorian England.

AUSILIO (SILVIO) GASBARRINO, BSc'79, was appointed President and Country Manager for Pharmacia Venezuela and Colombia. He and his wife Dina have been married for 20 years and now live in Caracas, Venezuela, with their 9-year-old twins, Stefano and Alexa. He and his family moved to Venezuela from Manila, Philippines, where he held his last overseas management post.

CHARLES VINCENT, MSc'80, PhD'83, a scientist at the Horticultural Research and Development Centre at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., was awarded a Lambertois 2001 by the City of St. Lambert in recognition of his work in physical control methods in plant protection. The English version of his book, Physical Control Methods in Plant Protection, is in press at Springer Heidelberg in Germany. Charles was elected Second Vice-President of the Entomological Society of Canada.

COLIN BRENAN, BSc'82, MEng'89, PhD'97, left the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT to be the CEO of BioTrove, Inc., an early-stage biotechnology company he co-founded, which is focused on developing the next generation of ultra-high-throughput screening technology.

VUK VUKSANOVIC, BSc'88, received a PhD in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario in 1994. Vuk has been self-employed as an entrepreneur since that time. Vuk has not returned to Montreal since 1988 and says he still thinks about that girl he left behind. He says it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

PAUL A. WHITE, BSc'89, PhD'96, after conducting water pollution research for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Rhode Island and North Carolina, returned to Canada. In collaboration with Health Canada researchers in Ottawa and faculty at McMaster University, he was awarded a three-year grant under the Toxic Substances Research Initiative. In the final year of this grant, he has been promoted and anticipates a long and prosperous career with Health Canada. In addition, Paul lectures at both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. In July, he married Jane Stratton-Zimmer and they live with their dog, Sofi, and cat, Faith, in a quiet Ottawa neighbourhood.

HARRIET DRUKER, BSc'93, MSc'96, and SHELLY FELD, MBA'97, LLB'97, were married in June 1999. They spent the following year working and travelling extensively throughout Africa. They are now settled in Toronto and expecting their first child.

JOHN LEANDER PO, BSc'94, MSc'96, received his PhD in cell and molecular biology at MCP Hahnemann University. John is finishing off his MD degree there.

ANNA (CLAPP) BECKER, BSc'96, is pursuing her MBA at the University of California and expects to graduate in June 2002. In September 2001, Anna married James Becker on the beach in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., and several McGill friends were in attendance.

NATHAN L. CURRIER, BSc'96, found a fantastic postdoctoral scientist position at a pharmaceutical firm in Montreal a few months after graduating. The position should be completed within two years, at which time he hopes to spread his wings and work in the United States. He says he will always miss the first subtle hints of autumn in the air as a McGill student and that he often drifts back to his memories of Welcome Week, old friends, few worries, and wonderful times, including the Open Air Pub. He wishes everyone well.

PATRICK HAYDEN, BSc'98, wrapped up three years in Oxford, which, aside from being very pleasant on the whole, supplied him with a Doctor of Philosophy in physics. He continues his research in the exciting, if obscure, field of quantum information science at Caltech as the Sherman Fairchild Fellow in Astrophysics. He says that so far they don't seem to have noticed that he doesn't know any astrophysics!

DOUGLAS VANDOR, BSc'98, was selected as "Stroke" for the Canadian national lightweight eight-man rowing team to compete in the world championships in Lucerne, Switzerland, in August 2001.

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